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Mitigating the 2011 Hurricane Season

Some of you are likely to have read local press coverage on the latest Hurricane Season Forecast issued by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Prediction Centre. Whilst this Forecast does not differ in any significant measure from other Hurrricane Season Forecasts (from acknowledged sources) such as Klotzbach and Gray of Colarado State University, it does cite, in detail, many of the factors that have resulted in Forecasters to consider that the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season will be more active than normal (whatever normal may be!).

Do not let such press articles create increased anxiety within your organization – rather use them as a means to prevent complacency, promote awareness and to ensure that all Pre-Season preparations are either, fully completed or, near to completion.

We cannot stop Hurricanes, but we can mitigate against their worst effects and thereby, ensure the maximum potential for protection of staff and continuity of the business processes.

Include some questions that you should pose (rhetorically) to your organization/company:

a. Is there a clear Crisis/Emergency Management structure, including a Crisis Management Team (CMT)?

b. Is the CMT empowered to make and implement “across the board” executive decisions in times of crisis and emergency – do they truly “lead” the organization/company?

c. Does the CMT have a record/history of issuing clear and unambiguous directives and instructions?

d. Does the CMT issue regular, informative staff updates on the developing crisis/emergency?

e. Does “anarchy” prevail throughout the organisation/company with a variety of interpretations gleaned from a spectrum of differing sources?

Ideally, the answers should be “YES” to a – d and “NO” to e – if this is not the case, then your organization/company lacks some critical “components” and, is certainly flirting with potentially disastrous failure in the event of a crisis/emergency.

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