2011 Hurricane Season

The 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season is barely a month away and, once again, a “busy” Season is forecast. There are many “climatic indicators” that are appearing more severe in 2011 than in previous Seasons – whilst, these in themselves, do not mean that we will receive a Hurricane Hit in the Cayman Islands, it would be foolish to ignore them. Whether the Season is forecast as “busy” or not – it only takes one “direct hit” from a Category 3 and above Hurricane to have significant implications on the daily lives, businesses and liveliehoods of many.

Whilst not accusing any business or person of complacency, the lack of any significant damage (in the Cayman Islands) from a Hurricane over the past few years, may have lessened the priority of Hurricane Planning & Preparation in the face of more urgent business drivers. Nevertheless, I urge you all to start (if you have not already done so) your Hurricane Season Inspections and Preparations without delay – you have a month!

In all your preparation work, including Crisis Management Procedures, do NOT forget that your staff are the life blood of your business – without them, the strongest buildings, the most effective Data Replication and restoration, the most advanced communications, all become impressive but relatively meaningless tokens.

The staff and resources of Brac Informatics Centre (BIC) are ready and able to asist you with a wide range of business solutions, Continuity and Contingency planning, training, mitigation assessment, as well as an effective, comprehensive, reliable and timely Hurricane Notification/Advisories system.

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